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Surname Thru History

Roman Republic

Earliest Known Record 483 BC

full chee nee us


circa 1400 AD
Fulcini  -
full chee nee (and from here one of our
relatives went south to Gesualdo)


Fulchini -
full kee nee


circa 1915

Fulchini, Fulchino
Full kee nee
Full Kee no

Full chee nee

& Full chee no

South America

circa 1950's

Fulchini and Fulquini

Full kee nee

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Earliest Record


 The gens Fulcinia was a family at Rome. The first of this name to appear in history is Gaius Fulcinius, one of the ambassadors to Fidenae in 438 BC. After this, no Fulcinius is mentioned until the time of Cicero,  so that one cannot even be certain that they belonged to the same  family. Whatever the case, several Fulcinii are known from the first  century BC 



The Fulcinii are known to have used the praenomina Gaius, Marcus, and Lucius, all of which were amongst the most common names throughout Roman history.

  • Gaius Fulcinius,  one of four ambassadors sent to Fidenae in 438 BC to inquire into the  reasons for the city's revolt against Rome. On the advice of Lars Tolumnius, the king of Veii,  whose cause the Fidenates had joined, the ambassadors were put to  death. Afterwards, the ambassadors were honoured with statues on the Rostra.
  • Marcus Fulcinius, a native of Tarquinii in Etruria, was a man of high respectability, who carried on a considerable banking business at Rome.
  • Marcus Fulcinius M. f., son of the banker, died young.
  • Marcus Fulcinius, a freedman of the banker Marcus Fulcinius
  • Gaius Fulcinius, father of Lucius.
  • Lucius Fulcinius C. f., brought the charge of murder against Marcus Saufeius in BC 52.
  • Lucius Fulcinius, whose name appears on Macedonian coins, had been quaestor, in an uncertain year

Gaius Fulcinius, Roman Ambassador



By the second half of the 5th century BC, the former Roman colony of Fidenae had revolted against Rome, and placed themselves under the protection of the wealthy Etruscan city-state of Veii. In 437, the Senate  responded by sending four ambassadors, including Gaius Fulcinius, to  the leaders of Fidenae. When Fulcinius and the rest arrived, they  demanded that Fidenae abandon its pact with Veii, and return the colony  to operating under Rome’s sphere of influence.[1]

According to Livy, the leaders of Fidenae sent an urgent message to Lars Tolumnius,  the king of Veii, asking what they should do. Lars Tolumnius, with an  eye to binding Fidenae closer to Veii, ordered them to execute Gaius  Fulcinius and his fellow ambassadors, which they proceeded to do. This  act saw Rome declare war on Veii, and they sent an army to besiege  Fidenae. To honour their sacrifice for the Republic, the Romans later  erected half-sized statues of Gaius Fulcinius and his colleagues Tullus Cloelius, Spurius Antius, and Lucius Roscius on the Rostra, in the Roman Forum.[2]

Cicero mentioned Gaius Fulcinius in his ninth Philippic, declaring that the reason Fulcinius was honoured was not that he died in bloodshed, but that he died for the Republic.[3] According to Cicero, his statue was no longer on the Rostra by the time he wrote his speech attacking Marc Antony (

The Oldest Info On Our Family Surname that I Have Found.

5th Line From The Bottom You will Note the Name Fulcinius.
This is the Masculine form of the name and Fulchina would be the female form. 

Nomen is the middle part of the tria nomina. Nomen was the most  important element in the Roman naming system, because it was the  component of name that was inherited and also indicated the position of  the gens in the state, its antiquity and sometimes its origin. The  majority of nomina gentilicia come from names of tribes. 

Nomen is a required element when choosing male or famale name.  

List of nomina

The nomina are listed in their male forms. To make the female form, just replace the ending "-us" with "-a". 

  Aburus   Camillius   Granius   Novius   Silius    Accius   Camelius   Gratius   Numerius   Sittius    Accoleius   Canidius   Gratidius   Octavius   Socellius    Acilius   Caninius   Helvetius   Olcinius   Sornatius    Aebutius   Canius   Helvius   Oppius   Spurius    Aedinius   Cantilius   Herennius   Opsius   Statius    Aelius   Cantius   Herminius   Oranius   Statilius    Aemilius   Canuleius   Hirtius   Otacilius   Stertinius    Albanius   Canutius   Horatius   Palpellius   Suedius    Albatius   Caprenius   Hortensius   Papinius   Sulpicius    Allectius   Carius   Hosidius   Papirius   Tadius    Amatius   Caristanius   Hostilius   Papius   Talmudius    Annius   Carvilius   Gabinius   Pedius   Tanicius    Antistius   Cassius   Icilius   Peltrasius   Tertinius    Antius   Ceionius   Insteius   Pescennius   Tettidius    Antonius   Cicereius   Julius   Petellius   Tettienus    Appuleius   Cilnius   Junius   Petilius   Tettius    Aquillius   Cincius   Juventius   Petillius   Titiedius    Armenius   Cispius   Laberius   Petronius   Titius    Arrius   Claudius   Labienus   Pinarius   Titinius    Arsinius   Clodius   Laelius   Piscius   Trebatius    Artorius   Cloelius   Laetorius   Pisentius   Trebellius    Asinius   Clovius   Lafrenius   Placidius   Treblanus    Ateius   Cluilius   Lampronius   Plautius   Tremellius    Atius   Cluntius   Lartius   Plinius   Tuccius    Atilius   Cocceius   Liburnius   Plotius   Tullius    Atrius   Coiedius   Licinius   Pollius   Turullius    Atronius   Cominius   Livius   Pompeius   Ulpius    Attius   Consentius   Lollius   Pompilius   Umbrenius    Aufidius   Considius   Longinius   Pomponius   Umbrius    Aurelius   Coruncanius   Loreius   Pomptinus   Ummidius    Aurius   Cordius   Lucceius   Pontidius   Urgulanius    Ausonius   Cornelius   Lucilius   Pontius   Uulius    Avidius   Cosconius   Lucius   Popidius   Vagennius    Avitus   Curius   Lucretius   Portius   Vagionius    Axius   Curtius   Lusius   Postumius   Vagnius    Babudius   Decumius   Lutatius   Potitius   Valerius    Baebius   Desticius   Macrinius   Paesentius   Varius    Balventius   Dexsius   Maecilius   Publicius   Vassenius    Bantius   Didius   Maelius   Pupius   Vatinius    Barbatius   Dillius   Mallius   Quinctilius   Vedius    Barrius   Domitius   Mamilius   Quinctius   Velius    Betilienus   Duccius   Manlius   Quirinius   Veranius    Betucius   Duronius   Manilius   Rabirius   Verecundius    Blandius   Egnatius   Marcius   Rufius   Vergilius    Blossius   Epidius   Marius   Rufrius   Verginius    Bruccius   Equitius   Matius   Rusonius   Vesnius    Bruttius   Fabius   Maximius   Rutilius   Veturius    Bucculeius   Fadius   Memmius   Sabucius   Vibenius    Burrienus   Faenius   Menenius   Sallustius   Vibidius    Caecilius   Falerius   Messienus   Salonius   Vibius    Caecina   Favonius   Metilius   Salvius   Victricius    Caecius   Festinius   Milonius   Scribonius   Viducius    Caedicius   Flavius   Minicius   Secundinius   Vinicius    Caelius   Flavinius   Minucius   Secundius   Vipsanius    Caeparius   Flavonius   Modius   Seius   Vipstanus    Caepasius   Floridius   Mucius   Sempronius   Viridius    Caerellius   Florius   Munatius   Sennius   Virius    Caesennius   Floronius   Munius   Sentius   Visellius    Caesetius   Fufius   Murrius   Septimius   Vitellius    Caesius   Fulcinius   Naevius   Sepunius   Vitruvius    Caesonius   Fulvius   Nasennius   Sepurcius   Vivianus    Caesulenus   Fundanus   Nemetorius   Sergius   Volaginius    Caetronius   Furius   Nepius   Sertorius   Volcatius    Calavius   Gabinius   Nigidius   Servilius   Volumnius    Calidius   Galerius   Nigilius   Sestius   Volusenna    Calpurnius   Gavius   Ninnius   Sextilius   Volusenus    Calventius   Geganius   Nipius   Sextius   Volusius    Calvisius   Gellius   Norbanus   Sidonius  

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