Vincenzo Fulchini by Jerry Fulchini


"You were asking about my father. First  of all I miss him and my mother very much. (especially on the holidays) But my father like all the Fulchini/Fulchino fathers  was a very gentle and caring man. He workerd at Schraffts Chocolates the 3 to 11 shift my mother worked there for a while and Uncle  Attlio worked there also. I remember every Saturday morning we took the train to the North End to go shopping on Salem and Hanover  St and at Martignetti's. We each have a couple of shopping bags and then back on the train. That was when all the Italians had  to go to the North End shopping.. Also every Sunday morning we  always visited every body (Your grand parents(whom were wonderful)  Uncle Attilio, Uncle Ralph Carrabis, Uncle Ralph in Revere and  so on) and at times it seemed a chore but now that they are all gone I really miss it as Im sure you do also. I had a wonderful  relationship with my father I could not tell you of one time that my father ever spanked me or even raised his voice to me . He  was a wonderful father and I miss him dearl